Kroppsladd Florett/Sabel


310.00 kr

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Made with the same silver coated copper wire as our standard wires, this new two pin plug is fully sealed to prevent water entering the plug increasing its electrical resistance. It is also the first two pin plug to have proper strain relief where the wire comes out which helps to reduce fatigue and wire breaks. For the fencer who wants the lowest resistance wire and the least possible maintenance.

We make our wire from double spun multi-core copper cable coated in silver, each core is made of hundreds of twisted copper filaments. This gives the wire greater flexibility and increases its life. The connections in the two pin plug are soldered and then the whole thing is covered in a flexible clear plastic outer. This keeps water out and resistance as low as possible.

“What I like the most about this bodywire from Leon Paul is the reinforced structure of the two pin plug. The act of plugging and unplugging repeatedly is what causes the damage to the bodywire over time. The reinforced structure ensures that it lasts as long as possible by reducing the stress on the wire where it meets the plug.”

Enzo Lefort – Team France


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