Mask skägg X-change – Värja – Leon Paul


600.00 kr


The X-Change mask is unique in that it allows you to take off and wash or replace your fencing mask bib in seconds. This FIE X-Change foil mask bib is made with lightweight lame to match your lightweight lame jacket.

To fit a new bib simply peel the VELCRO® brand retainers from the inside of the mask frame. The bib then slides out of the aluminium channel and can be replaced with a new one. Ensure that the retaining tabs on the new bib are pulled tight and the plastic strengthening strips are in place before use. As the X-change masks have an element of hand manufacture, the length of the aluminium channel which the bib is placed can vary in length. Therefore please note when ordering replacements we need to know the size as marked on the existing bib not the size of the mask.

Please check the size of the bib not the size of the mask. The bib size is written on a small tab on the inside of the bib and ranges from 1 – 4.



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