Pommel 150g

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This middle weight non insulated epee pommel will provide an excellent counter balance for a weapon. The higher the weight of the pommel the closer the balance point will be towards the hand and the easier it will be to control the tip but the overall weapon weight increases.

The fencing style of French pommeling has increased over the last few years as some Epee fencers have enjoyed great success with a better balanced blade. Some of our top sponsored Epee fencers asked us to design pommels more suited to this style. After researching and testing we have developed 2 new pommels at different weights.

Both have a 6 mm thread and can be tightened with a Allen key or cross bar. Both have light scoring for grip and are chrome plated. The heavier the pommel the further back the balance point will be on the blade. The further back the balance point is on the blade the easier the blade is to control.

Weight 150g
Thread 6mm


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