Vapenväska – Unic (Utgående)

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Unic är fd FOLO, vapenväska utgår från vår sertiment!


UNIC JUMBO bag for fencing equipment

  • The UNIC JUMBO bag is universal and suitable for representatives of all types of fencing
  • The dimensions of the bag allow you to fit a blades, a mask, a fencing suit and shoes
  • The handle located in the middle of the bag allows you to carry it over your shoulder and distribute the center of gravity evenly
  • Shoulder strap reinforced at bag attachment points for added security
  • Durable bag material retains its shape even when empty
  • External pocket provides storage for tools, cord and other small items



  • The UNIC JUMBO bag is affordable, making it attractive to fencers of all ages and skill levels
  • Convenient handle and even distribution of the center of gravity ensure comfortable carrying of the bag over the shoulder
  • Strong material ensures durability and protection of the bag from damage
  • The spatial possibilities of the bag allow you to conveniently store and transport fencing blades and related items
  • The bag is suitable for attending training and competitions in different places, making it easier to carry a minimum amount of equipment
  • Possibility to apply logo and flag

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