Värjklinga elektriskt Fusion komplett


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Blending the best new technology including a patented Titanium point with a classic bend profile and feel this is the ultimate non-FIE epee blade. This blade is for any club or competitive fencer looking to take their fencing to the next level.

Designed to be the best of new and old, the Fusion blade combines all of the features of Leon Paul’s unique V blade, mixes these with the qualities of a traditionally forged blade and then adds a titanium point for the ultimate in speed and accuracy.

  • Faster – The titanium tip moves the balance point back towards the hand so that you can move the tip more rapidly. 
  • Lighter – The overall weight is 18% less than a traditional blade which means less stress on your muscles and faster more precise actions. 
  • Stronger – The V profile makes the blade last on average twice as long as a classic forged blade. 
  • More accurate – Reduced weight at the tip means your point arrives more predictably on target with less lag between action and reaction. 

Weight: Short Tang – 158 grams / 5.5oz 

Balance point: Short Tang – 28cm / 11 inches from the forte of the blade.


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