Florettklinga elektriskt FIE komplett APEX – Leon Paul


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The Apex blade. For fencers who want to make it to the top. 

Designed with meticulous detail, the Apex Foil Blade has been created in collaboration with international foilists. Peaking in both craft and concept, Apex prototypes have been fleched and primed, flicked and parried in eight countries with clubs, coaches and elite athletes. The Apex foil is the product of 101 years of manufacturing experience, guaranteeing performance for one and for all.

Uniquely polished

The Apex has beautifully bevelled corners, a refined curve and a rectangular forte to provide a progressive feel and a lightness of touch. The Apex gives you the power, longevity and durability, to take your performance to the next level.

Precision Manufacture

Computer-modelled and precision-ground, the Apex Foil has a finely-tuned fit and finish. With levels of precision never before seen in the market you can be absolutely certain that each new blade will feel the same as both the last and the next. Say goodbye to having a “favourite” weapon, with the Apex every blade will be your finest.


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